Are there ins & outs?

Ins and outs will be allowed on SATURDAY ONLY from 12:30PM - 5PM.

Will there be food served on-site?

Yes! The Midway has a great cafe/restaurant near the patio. Come grab some food and listen to the Black Rock stage!

Will there be wristbands for two day tickets?

NO - your ticket will be re-scanned each day. HOLD ON TO YOUR TWO DAY TICKETS! We’re not responsible for a ticket being lost between day one and day two. Better yet, just use the Eventbrite mobile app and don’t worry about printing a physical ticket!

Where can I buy a hardcopy ticket?

Hard copy tickets are on sale without eventbrite fees at Street Light Records in San Jose and Santa Cruz.


Will there be ATMs on-site?

Yes! But we recommend coming with cash.



·     Alcohol

·      Drugs or drug paraphernalia 

·      Large chains

·      Massagers

·      Laser pointers

·      Spiked jewelry

·      Outside food or beverages

·      Coolers

·      Lawn chairs

·      Frisbees

·      Large umbrellas

·      Unsealed tampons

·      Bota bags

·      Stickers

·      Stuffed animals/dolls

·      Professional cameras with detachable lenses

·      Professional audio/video recording equipment (GoPros ARE allowed)

·      ‘Selfie’ sticks (including GoPro sticks)

·      Inflatables including balloons

·      Open cigarettes (sealed boxes are fine) 

·      Any illegal substance

·      Marker pens

·      Dust/surgical masks

·      Musical instruments including whistles

·      Cans/bottles/glass

·      Animals (except service animals)

·      Pacifiers

·      No full faced masks

·      Spray paint

·      Weapons of any kind

·      Unsealed eye drop containers

·      Over the counter medications (opened or unopened)

·      Bottle of vitamins (opened or unopened)

·      Totems with poles (posters are allowed)

·      Purses larger 5”x 10” (anything smaller must be single strap)

·      No hula hoops, poi, wands, or staves

·      No ‘fluffies’ / furry boots

·      Any other items deemed as posing a threat to the safe enjoyment of the concert by management.




·        Camelbacks smaller than 1.5L with less than three pockets are allowed if empty upon entry. 

·        Single pocket drawstring backpacks are allowed

·        Fanny packs are allowed (no larger than 4” x 6” and no more than 2 pockets)

·        LED gloves and other LED clothing are allowed